All Law is Imposition

“Say we are advocating for the rights of the unborn, and someone says to us that we ‘are just trying to impose our morality on everybody else.’ Your response to this should not be to deny it. Of course you are, just as they are. It is not whether, but which. It is not whether we impose morality, but rather which morality we impose, and why.

Shall we impose the morality of Scripture and natural law on the doctor and on the mother, or shall the doctor and the mother impose their secular and relativistic morality on the baby? Regardless of what happens, at the end of the day, someone’s morality is going to be imposed on someone. This is inescapable. Apologizing for the mere fact of it is like apologizing for gravity” (Douglas Wilson).

“Of course we are trying to have our laws be imposed morality. The only alternative is imposed immorality because all laws are an imposed something. Law by definition is an imposition. What are we to impose? At the end of the day, the choice is therefore between imposed sanity and, what we are seeing now, which is imposed insanity.

And if someone demands to know why I believe we as a society are obligated to honor this standard, I will say something like ‘because God set the top of Mount Sinai on fire, and then told Moses to tell the people that they weren’t allowed to murder people.’ How’s that for a reason? You might not like it, but I would suggest that Jehovah speaking from a mountain on fire beats five Ivy League eggheads on the Supreme Court” (Douglas Wilson).