Muttered in Corners

“I am aware of what is muttered in corners by certain miscreants, when they would display their acuteness in assailing divine truth. They ask, how do we know that Moses and the prophets wrote the books which now bear their names? Nay, they even dare to question whether there ever was a Moses. Were any one to question whether there ever was a Plato, or an Aristotle, or a Cicero, would not the rod or the whip be deemed the fit chastisement of such folly? The law of Moses has been wonderfully preserved, more by divine providence than by human care…To sum up the whole in one word, it is certain beyond dispute, that these writings passed down, if I may so express it, from hand to hand, being transmitted in an unbroken series from the fathers, who either with their own ears heard them spoken, or learned them from those who had, while the remembrance of them was fresh” (John Calvin, Institutes, 1.8.9.)

Not a promotion of Calvin as a true Christian; just some good comments on God’s providential preservation of His Word. And, as a matter of course, the absolute sovereignty of God and the denial of man’s freedom to thwart God’s eternal and immutable decree, is presupposed. [1]

[1] ALL persons possess and start with indemonstrable axioms or presuppositions. However, comma, not all persons are forthright enough or epistemologically self-ware enough to admit this.]