The Gallows Beckon

“It is significant that, as innocent babies are killed, and capital punishment is withheld from their murderers, the same men who plead for the murderer’s life also demand the ‘right’ to abortion. Usually, the same picketers that carry a sign one day, ‘Abolish Capital Punishment,’ also carry ‘Legalize Abortion’ another day. When this is called to their attention, their answer is, ‘There is no contradiction involved.’ They are right: the thesis is ‘condemn the innocent and free the guilty.'”(Rousas John Rushdoony)

Quite specifically it is Doctor Hatchet who has, shall we say, a vested interested — not only in keeping murder legal, but also in abolishing capital punishment. For if the “‘good’ doctor” be duly convicted, well…the gallows beckon.